Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) is the country’s largest state university. It serves more than 70,000 Iskolar ng Bayan and seeks to provide all Filipinos with transforming and empowering education.

Since its founding as the Manila Business School (MBS) in 1904, PUP has served as a training ground for students interested in government and private employment, as well as entrepreneurship and small business development. Today, after more than a century of offering relevant education, it has evolved into a respected university that is constantly becoming a cornerstone of excellence in a wide range of disciplines such as business, banking and finance, engineering, arts and media, public service, education, information and technology, and science and technology.

Through faculty excellence, a strong commitment to scholarship, vibrant studentry, community involvement, international linkages, and research, PUP continues to be partners with the State in poverty alleviation and nation-building. As the nation's largest producer of highly skilled and responsible professionals, PUP marks excellence in all its degree-granting courses in undergraduate and graduate programs across its 22 branches and campuses including its Open University System which offers flexible, distance education. These nationally and internationally recognized programs support the University's mission to deliver excellent and responsive education to economically disadvantaged youth and marginalized sectors, as well as to contribute to skilled human resources for the benefit of society.
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