Science Communication:

Managing the Now and the Future

It is not by accident that the two outstanding issues of our time—Climate Crisis and Covid-19—involve science.

Our insanity has led the world to where it is today at the crossroads of history. Do we survive as a species, or do we go down the dustbin of history?

We continue to populate the world as if earthly space is infinite. We pollute the world in the name of progress. We produce material goods and dump our garbage everywhere, from the mountain tops to the seas.

Because of the pollution our world is warming. Because of the warming our seas are rising to drown our coastal cities. Because of overpopulation our cities are bursting at the seams.

And when disease becomes a pandemic there is no room for the people to escape. The two life and death issues of our time are the Climate Crisis and Covid-19. And this is where Science and Science Communication come to the rescue.

We need Science and Scientists to shepherd us through these twin crises. And we need Science Research and Science Communication to help the people understand.
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